Welcome Fall!

Parish Mission Coming in October
Rev. Jack Rathschmidt, OFM Cap, will lead a “Mission” for our parish entitled: Restarting our Gospel Pilgrimage: Compassion, Healing and Gratitude.

Three Special Evenings
At Our Lady of Fatima
Sunday October 26, Monday October 27 and Tuesday October 28
6:30 to 8:00 (at the latest)
Child care will be provided.

What is a “mission”?  It is a type of retreat.  Rather than going away to a house of prayer, a monastery or a convent, the “missionary” comes to us.
What happens during the mission?  Brother Jack (Capuchin priests are often referred to as “Brother”) has chosen a title that reflects well what takes place.  This will be a time to renew and refresh some basic gospel values.  A mission is less about gaining new knowledge and more about seeing the gospel in new ways, and then recommitting ourselves as disciples of Jesus Christ.
What is the goal of this mission?  Brother Jack uses the image of a pilgrimage, a very deliberate journey, which springs from a deep yearning for an encounter with the holy and is marked by compassion that can lead to healing between individuals and communities.  When this healing occurs, gratitude is awakened.  Through prayer, music, story, ritual and scripture, our parish will explore this pilgrim walk.

What do I need to do?  Decide that this very special opportunity is a priority in your life.  Clear your schedule and make the time to attend (even if you can’t make it for all three evenings).  Open your heart to all the new possibilities that the Lord has in store for you.  But most of all pray that our parish mission will be fruitful.  Pray for Brother Jack that the Holy Spirit would inspire him and all who will hear his message. Click here to see the Flyer for Parish Mission