Easter 2016

     Christ is risen!  We share in his great victory over death!  First of all, thank you to all who worked in our parish for the celebration of Easter.  Dedicated people working in an unassuming way for their parish!
     At Easter we will renew our baptismal promises.  That is the most appropriate response we can make to this Easter mystery.  It gives each of us the opportunity to respond in faith to the good news of the resurrection.  Our baptismal promises are our way of saying “No!” to sin, “No!”to all that would lead us into sin, “No!” to all those things that block the manifestation of the new life of the Risen Lord with in us.  Through our baptismal promises we say “Yes!” to the Risen Lord within us and rededicate ourselves to his mission of salvation.
      We welcome with joy into our church; Riley Antle, Brianna Heath, and John Schott.  May they always persevere in the road they have chosen with us.  And we pray:
O Father, who raised your son from the dead,
may we never lose hope that your love can
change the darkest nights of our lives into
the glorious morning of Easter Joy.

A blessed Easter.  Indeed He has risen.
Fr. Biron