Easter 2015

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
     Jesus Christ is risen!  Alleluia!  We are here today because our faith calls us to celebrate Jesus' triumph over death.  We rejoice.  We live in the hope that Jesus' victory will be ours, too.  We long for that life everlasting which Jesus proclaimed with His life and death and resurrection.
     With Jesus, it is not just our final passing in death that brings new
life; it is the whole of our lives.  It is the frequent little deaths that
we face over and over.  We are parents, spouses, family members, friends, employees, employers.  There are times we are called to set aside our own comfort, interests, desires or needs in order to provide love and life giving service to another person.  We die to self so that we can give life to them.  Through that, we bring Easter joy anew to a portion of the world.
     In the light of the Easter Candle we know that each one of us can give attention to one area of our life that needs to be resurrected from death...Who or what needs the life-giving touch of the resurrected Jesus? As Pope Francis tells us:  "Let the risen Jesus into your life.  Welcome Him as a friend, with trust:  He is life!"

Wishing you the joy and the hope of Easter
Fr. Bob