Dear brothers and sisters,
The Lord Jesus is risen from the dead...The question of faith becomes a matter of yes or no. It is really not any more complicated than that. The deep, deep belief that God created us complete with his law within our hearts and having our best interest in mind.
Each day is a new Easter morning. We pick ourselves up and we go to that empty tomb. We look within and we look without and exclaim as boldly as we can proclaim, “I believe”. Jesus witnessed and was victim to more of the ugly side of life than most of us will ever see. Yet He rose triumphant and so shall we.
That means that we need a “third” eye. The more we allow ourselves to con-template the presence of God in and through and around us revealed in the or-dinary and sometimes mundane encounters of life that “third” eye of faith can transform our lives.
Remember! As we celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord the “eye of faith” may not lead us to a bed of roses or a life without heartache and pain but the faith that leads us to get up in the morning will lead to an inner sense of joy and well-being.
Jesus came to his death with trust and faced his final moments on earth secure in the conviction that he did what he was supposed to do.
Easter...Faith...a third eye that transforms life and the conviction that God holds us in his hands forever. Truly He has risen.

Easter blessings
Fr. Bob