Youth Program

The Lifelong Faith Formation Program at OLF-IC strives to meet each person on their faith journey with resources, events and programs.  Our youth faith formation offers religious instruction for children preschool through grade 12th. 

Our formal Religious Education Program begins in September and continues into early May.  The Diocese of Manchester observes the “Restored Order” of the sacraments of initiation, i.e., Baptism, Confirmation, and Holy Eucharist.  For more information, see our Diocese FAQ page.  Sacramental Preparation is in conjunction with our Family of Faith program.


A Family of Faith by Sophia Institute for Teachers.  We offer His Little Way for preschool.  Our teen program follows the topics of A Family of Faith.

Our Lady of Fatima offers a FREE subscription to with content for ALL ages and in many media formats (videos, podcasts, books, etc).

Please see the Family Faith Calender and Registration form below:



2023-2024 Family Faith Formation Calendar and Registration Form

Description Format Size  
2023 Registration pdf
2023-2024 Revised Faith Formation Calendar pdf